Life and economic democracy is the personal blog of Christopher Palmer.

The basic idea behind the blog is to challenge popular perceptions about affairs.  There are no set boundaries really.

I am cholesterol sceptic. Having read into the subject at length I do not believe either saturated fat or cholesterol have any involvement in the cause of heart disease. Thankfully the mass of informed and like-minded people is growing, so it no longer feels so lonely shouting at the rest.

I am not a fan of GM, and I think the common intensive methods deployed in agriculture are storing up trouble for not making optimal use of natural cycles.

I also believe humanity is in great need of monetary reform. Our money has significant bearing upon outcomes, and the outcomes are not all ones we should wish for. Money is a striking selection pressure, and alternate money systems could provide alternate selections pressures that could promote alternate outcomes, and arguably for the better.

Finally I am a spotter of fictional markets.

Fictional markets are real, they involve the sale and delivery of goods and services that are real, but they trade off narratives and justifications that people accept, but may not be true. In other words fictional markets represent trade in which the sale is justified by a lie or deception. You’d be surprised how many lies escape general attention.

A common and recurrent theme may be that profits are privatised while risks and actual harm may be ‘socialised’. Put simply, they’ve found ways to make money from us while offering us goods and services whose benefits have been greatly overstated. The supposed benefits may not amount to the claims made for them, and in some instances the products or services may do more harm than good.

Comments are welcomed, especially those that advance debate or understanding.

The site is under development so please bear with me while I make the layout clearer or add features. A sign-up for a periodic newsletter should come soon.


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